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On this blog you’ll find various ramblings about things I’m interested in.


I’m quite intrested in the union of those aspects: how we could design man-machine interface systems to ease our interaction with data.

I have an expertise in observability so we’ll certainly tackle data transformation and visualization.

As far as interractive text manipulation is concerned, as you’ll soon find, my tool of choice is Emacs (that I do not consider to be a text editor). For those interested, there is a dedicated atom feed for Emacs articles on this blog, which is also available through Planet Emacslife.


You might find essays to be assertive and opinionated.

Some might be due to English not being my native language.

Nevertheless, don’t hesitate to provide constructive criticism. I’m really glad when somebody proves me wrong.

That’s how we grow as persons.


You can find me on GitHub, llllllll, norns.community and on LinkedIn.

I also take pictures from time to time. You can find them on Flickr.

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